Limited Google Glass Release To Target Health Care, Other Industries

Google has started distributing a new version of its Google Glass technology to software developers in an effort to create programs targeted at certain industries, including health care, the Wall Street Journal reports (Barr, Wall Street Journal, 7/30).


Following Google Glass' initial launch, some health care professionals said it could be helpful in patient and surgery settings, but they also raised health care-specific privacy concerns (iHealthBeat, 7/24/14). The first version also drew more widespread privacy criticism because of its ability to record video in public spaces.

Google stopped selling the device in January.

Details of New Version

According to the Journal, the second version of Google Glass will include new features, such as improved battery life and a separate battery pack to extend it even further (Wall Street Journal, 7/30). Such a feature could help surgeons who might be use the device during a lengthy procedure (Eddy, InformationWeek, 8/1).

Google is targeting software developers to create programs for the technology's use in business settings, including health care, the Journal reports.

The company expects certain companies to be using the device by this fall, according to individuals familiar with the plan. They said the company does not intend to release the new version to consumers for at least another year (Wall Street Journal, 7/30).

Source: iHealthBeat, Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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