ONC Usability Change Package Resource & Webinar Recording

ONC Usability Change Package Resource & Webinar Recording

ONC hosted a webinar on March 1 that previewed a new ONC-sponsored resource, the Usability Change Package (UCP.) This resource helps health IT end users in hospital settings identify usability challenges, adapt their systems to improve the usability of their systems, and assess the impact of these system changes.

Check out this resource at the Health IT Playbook https://www.healthit.gov/playbook/electronic-health-records/#section-1-4.

and view the UCP webinar recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge8Ophl0fPo&feature=youtu.be

and slides https://click.connect.hhs.gov/?qs=ab1607e0b002860fe4e16241fe1840b4774921...

The Usability People work with you on improving the Usability of Healthcare IT.

For expert 2015 ONC Safety-enhanced Design (aka Usability) evaluation of your EHR: contact The Usability People

The Usability People

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