The Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) Forms Workgroup for Health Care Delivery Reform

The Electronic Health Record Association has created a workgroup on health care delivery system reform, Clinical Innovation & Technology reports (Walsh, Clinical Innovation & Technology, 3/5).

Details of Workgroup

Through the Delivery System Reform Workgroup, EHR vendors can seek collaboration with providers, payers and patient advocacy groups to ensure that EHRs and other health technologies are used correctly in health care payment and delivery reform policies (Perna, Healthcare Informatics, 3/3).

In addition, the group will:

  • Monitor and offer input on congressional and regulatory initiatives; and
  • Provide information and educational resources for members (Clinical Innovation & Technology, 3/5).

In a statement, EHRA Vice Chair Sarah Corley said clinical data and financial data, which traditionally have been siloed, are converging into health care information. Corley said such changes are "essential to the success of accountable care organizations and new payment models."

She added, "In keeping with EHRA's efforts to provide practical advice and guidance to the regulatory process, this new workgroup will bring insights to policymakers and provide important information back to our members as these initiatives move forward" (Healthcare Informatics, 3/3).

Source: iHealthBeat, Monday, March 9, 2015

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