Top 10 Healthcare Usability Myths Debunked

Top 10 EHR Usability Myths - Debunked

Here are the Top 10 Healthcare Usability Myths Debunked

Myth # 1 Clinicians are uncomfortable with technology and just need more training.

Fact: Current HIT systems often don’t fit the way end users think and work.

Myth # 2 Put it all on 1 screen to make it easier to use.

Fact: Developers need to understand workflows and tasks to know what information is needed.

Myth # 3 Whoever has the Most features wins.

Fact: Vet your current feature set. Less may be more.

Myth # 4 If they like it on the desktop, they’ll love it on mobile.

Fact: Context and tasks matter more.

Myth # 5 If we allow clinicians to customize their screens they will be satisfied.

Fact: It is more important to develop an information architecture for users’ workflow.

Myth # 6 Usability is subjective.

Fact: There are many types of usability measures (performance, cognitive, perceptions, motivation, costs, risk management etc.)

Myth # 7 Usability = Only pretty & friendly.

Fact: Usability = Patient Safety.

Myth # 8 Usability Stifles Innovation.

Fact: Usability drives innovation. Have you ever heard of the iPhone?

Myth # 9 Usability is the Vendor Responsibility

Fact: Usability is a joint responsibility.

Myth # 10 Meaningful Use Stage 2 (was) another year away (It started Oct 1, 2013--now extended an extra year; The Final rules for Stage 3 (2015 Edition) are already out, see

Fact: Start preparing now---usability takes time, see our blog post: The MIPS/MACRA final rule is Here! Usability testing takes time!

You can view a preview video of the actual HIMSS2013 presentation at the following URL:

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